4 top digital marketing articles you may have missed this week

So little time, so much content. Here’s a run-down of a few articles I read this week didn’t have time to post about: KLM’s new social strategy: happy to help – any traveller, anywhere, any airline Love this social strategic approach, because it’s… Continue Reading →

How LEGO manages 24×7 community management

The channels are run by one team but from different time-zones. Primetime on social media is usually outside working hours so engagement on European platforms is carried out by my team in the US and so on.
Lars Silberbauer, Global Director of Social Media, LEGO

This Q&A with Lars Silberbauer, LEGO’s global Director of Social Media, is full of gold (as is the eConsultancy blog more generally). It’s great to hear about a brand that has invested in 24×7 community management and has solved the… Continue Reading →

Have we hit peak Selfie yet? UNIQLO say no

The UNIQLO Selfless Selfie Project

In truth, the headline here is a bit mean-spirited. I don’t mind this campaign because it taps into existing online behaviour and rides the selfie wave for positive good. The whole 3D printing thing feels a bit forced but I guess it… Continue Reading →

A surefire way to make someone’s day – buy a stranger a coffee

Buying coffee is something I do (practically) every day, and I love a great cup of coffee. It’s a beautiful, black, bounteous beverage that spreads a wide smile across my sleepy face and kickstarts my day. What’s the Everyday Adventure? For my… Continue Reading →

How mobile app Waze is trying to fix Jakarta’s traffic problem

Great news for people that live in Jakarta and struggle with the generally horrendous traffic – mobile app Waze has recently entered into a partnership with the City of Jakarta to share data. Waze has seen huge adoption in Indonesia. In a visit… Continue Reading →

How I’m accelerating my learning with Everyday Adventures

I find that I tend to learn best when I throw myself into new situations. Getting out of my comfort zone stretches my brain and forces me to adapt and learn new skills. Producing the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival taught… Continue Reading →

How do you imagine the Internet 10 years from now?

I have no idea who is behind the wonderful website that is Onward Internet, but I absolutely friggin’ love it! My suggestion for what the Internet will look like in 10 years? Also, how do YOU imagine the Internet 10… Continue Reading →

[Research] Exacttarget Social Engagement Benchmarking Report

Click the link below to view the full report, or if you’re in a hurry, here are some key takeouts: Metrics are taken from 2+ million Facebook posts sent through the Salesforce Exacttarget platform As of June 2014, Facebook had an… Continue Reading →

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