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Souvenir Balinese tattoo

Absolutely love this quote by Rumi:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Got my very own ‘Balinese tattoo’ (see the evidence in the photo below) after coming off my moped in Ubud. Should make for a tasty little souvenir scar to remind me of this wonderful Christmas in Bali ;) And I look forward to letting the light in more and more.

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Spewbag Challenge: Accepted

If you’re not familiar with the #spewbagchallenge, it’s quite simple to explain. Gemma O’Brien started illustrating vomit-themed puns on the sick bags on flights she was taking. Illustrated wordplay classics followed such as “Puke Nukem“, “Lana Del Spray” and “Chuck Norris“, and these puns coupled with Gemma’s wonderful typography and illustrations launched the #spewbagchallenge.

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Long List of Things to Make

This post will be a sketchpad where I record ideas for things I can make or do. I’ll update it whenever I think of something else I can try to create. Hence why it’s long and likely to get longer.

Anyway, whenever I have a spare moment and am lost for what to do, I can always come back to this post to find inspiration. Feel free to use it the same way.

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